White Castle is considering selling Alcohol in its restaurants? This seems counterproductive…or is it genius?

According to the Columbus Dispatch, the 90 year old restaurant White Castle is test driving the sale of beer and wine at select locations in Indiana. Merry Christmas to me, because in a strange way that gets me excited. If you are at familiar with White Castle sliders then you may already think that this idea is one of two things, Absolutely silly or genius.

Let’s face it eating a White Castle is always a mistake. It seems like a good idea at the time but, soon after you eat it you always yell in regret at your self while sitting on the toilet. Sometimes I pay for my food and go throw it directly into the toilet to skip the middle man. Never have I looked at a White Castle when I was sober thinking “man, I really should go inside that place and have a bite to eat”. The only reason I ever step foot into a white castle is to make a tremendous drunk mistake of empting my pockets in exchange for a tray full of sliders.

The sale of alcohol implies that White Castle is a first thought for me, not one I make once I have already consumed the alcohol I require. (And don’t get me wrong here; I make this mistake A LOT!) But from a business stand point, I see the benefits of selling beer and wine inside the walls of the restaurant. Now when I stumble into a White Castle demanding as many sliders as a fist full of change can get me, I also will continue drinking. And if I continue drinking I may never sober up and realize the mistake I have just made. Instead I will just march right back to the counter and order more food. If white castle sells alcohol, I may never be able to leave. It’s a TRAP!