Being a Q103 Q-Tease it's imperative that I, along with the other girls look our rockin' best whenever representing the station. The DJ's, however, get to wear pretty much whatever they want even when doing events. They all have their own style that works for them but what would they look like if they had a rock makeover? Place your vote below for which DJ you would love to see rock it out.

I got the idea for this when BJ posted from last month's Americade in Lake George about how he didn't fit in with the bikers who were fully donned in black leather, spikes, skulls and bandannas. If you don't know BJ, then I'll tell you his style is rather preppy- sweater vests, button-down shirts, cargo shorts and baseball hats here and there. He has his casual days as well but it's his style and it fits him.

Rob Dawes often sports his collared Q103 shirt or a button-down with everyday jeans. Sometimes he will wear his shorts but more often than not he looks the same from day-to-day, which isn't a bad thing; hey, he's consistent and rocks all on his own.

Dalton, from what I've seen so  far is a shorts and t-shirt kind of guy. His style is simple- plain or graphic shirts with shorts (sometimes resembling swimming trunks) and flip flops, and in the winter- pants with boots and a zip-up hoodie. He is definitely one-of-a-kind and has been a great addition to Q103 so far.

Cute little Aspen is the newest member to Q and is short but has an awesome personality. She likes to dress girly- in long dresses or leggings with a pretty, colorful top and sandals. Her long blonde hair is usually done and she's always tan. She has her casual days as well but most of the time when I see her she looks cute and fresh and has the spunk to match.

Now that you have a little background on each DJ, you can make a well-informed decision on who could use that rock makeover.