The 'Big Four' of thrash, Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax, keep adding more dates for them all to play together.  Fingers crossed that they hit near the Albany area.  Which one of the four would you want to see the most?

How cool would it be if we could have the 'Big Four' come to SPAC this summer?  I don't see it happening but I can just imagine how pakced that place would be.  With four bands of that caliber gracing one stage it would out of control how awesome the show would be.  The biggest band on the bill would hands down be Metallica who puts on an awesome show every single time.

Next would be a tie between Megadeth and Slayer followed very closely by Anthrax.  I have always favored Metallica and Megadeth but Anthrax has stepped up  a few notches in my book over the years.  I have learned to love them just as much.  I'm not big SLAYER freak or anything but I did get to hang backstage with Dave Lombardo at the American Carnage tour and he was very cool.  I do like Slayer don;t get me wrong, just not as much as the other guys.

I have seen Metallica before and Megadeth a few times.  Slayer I watched last summer but I have never seen Anthrax live.  That is something I would really like to see.  Not that I'm not sticking around for the other 3 bands, but Anthrax is a band that I have yet to see live and I would really like to do that.  Not to mention that they are back out with lead singer Joey Belladonna and that dude is my favorite singer from that band.  Among the Living is my favorite Anthrax album and would die to see them do "Caught in a Mosh".  I still can't believe I haven't seen them in concert yet.

So which of the 'Big Four' would you want to see most?  I feel like most of the votes are gonna go to Slayer and Metallica.