Of all the celebrities in the world, which one would you be happy never hearing from again? Take the poll, and cast your vote.

The Ask Men 2012 Great Male Survey is out, and once again we know exactly what men want -- sort of. We at least know who they are sick of hearing about when it comes to celebrity news. The results probably won't surprise you.

Kim Kardashian topped the list of celebrity females men are sick of. Not really surprising, since most men can't stand Kardashian, or her family. Kim K ended up with 62% of the votes. Niki Minaj finished a distant second with 18%. Kate Upton was even on the list with 2% of the vote. Guess people are done with the curvacious bikini queen.

If you had to guess which male celeb guys are sick of, would you be surprised that it was Justin Bieber? Probably not. That's why he ran away with the vote. 67% of men are cured of Bieber fever. LeBron James is still pretty disliked, taking 10% of the vote.

So we would like to combine efforts, and conduct our own survey. Which celeb are you tired of hearing about? Vote below.