I was flipping through the channels the other day when I noticed one classic show from my childhood, Figure It Out was on, only it was awful because it was all modern and advanced with a male version of Summer Sanders. It makes me sick when classic shows are re-made because they will never be the same or nearly as good. It got me thinking of all the awesome shows I grew up with, most of which were on Nickelodeon. Which one was your favorite?

Today's kids are getting totally jipped. They're forced to watch shows that teach a different language and don't require imagination or intelligence nearly half as much as some of ours did. If I ever do drop a kid or two someday you can bet that I will be ordering most of their shows and toys over the Internet. I get so excited when they show some here and there on television and am brought back to my childhood. They were fun and happy shows that promoted positivity and kept me occupied in a useful way.