I was sitting outside flipping by ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ (hoping that Latoya Jackson would get fired because I just can't stand to look at her anymore) and saw on the bottom of the screen that President Obama was going to make an announcement shortly. It seemed strange that it didn’t say what the address was going to be about though. So, I ran inside and jumped on the internet, but surprisingly the only things that came up when I searched Obama were comments about Donald Trump and him. I knew that no matter how badly he would have loved to break into a speech about Trump during his show, that couldn’t be it. Then, about 10 minutes before the news stations took over I found an article of Wolf Blitzer saying that Osama Bid Laden was captured and killed.

Watching the footage of people outside the White House and down around ‘Ground Zero’ looked like exciting places to be and kind of made me feel like I wished I was somewhere that you could just run out into the streets. But I wasn’t. Being at the Mets/Phillies baseball game looked like fun with thousands of people chanting “USA, USA!” Heck, I don’t even like wrestling but I still bet it would have been charging to be at the WWE event and have John Cena come out and make the announcement to a full house. I can’t imagine what it would have been like to be able to just be high-fiving people all around when the surprise news came.

So where were you? If anyone has any great stories of what was going on around you when you got the news, please share by making a comment below.