As soon as it get warm enough to rock my sandals I begin to look for a place to kill time playing one of the best games ever. Disc Golf or “Frisbee Golf” is one of the best free outdoor activities there is and a great alternative to the ever so lame and unpopular Ball Golf. Suck it Tiger Woods!

I got a car trunk full of disc, a wheelie cooler full of beer and triceps that are strong enough to launch a disco over a mountain. There’s just one issue, where can I play in Albany NY? I have only lived in the area for just under two years but I have failed to find a good course nearby. The only locations I can find on the inter webs are both around a 30 minute drive from Albany. Not that a half hour is all that far, but disc golf is something you should be able to pick up and play on a whim. Driving 20 miles to play requires plans and I hate making plans! I hate making plans just about as much as I hate dude with popped collars.

Joralemon Park:  located about 17 miles south of Albany. The park it’s self is nice and heavily covered in trees. The shad is nice and playing disc gold in the woods is always fun because trees become obstacles and bring a new element to the game.

Hyzer Creek: This course is located about 13 Miles west of Saratoga Springs. So if your heading from Albany it’s about a 45 minute drive. This is a “private course owned and operated by local disc golfers, who built the course by adopting fairways and sponsoring pins, and can play for free if they do... Visitors welcome if they sign a liability waiver.”

So these are two options to get your disc golf on near Albany NY but I am not pleased. I either need to know of the secret disc golf course that are closer to me or I need to relocate to one of the above locations. In the words of the great Jewel “Where have all the disc golf courses gone? Yippy eye, yippy yay”!

q103 - dcastle

If you know where they are please let us know below.