The definitive answer should and always will be “No”. I know it’s super hot out but there are better alternative then diving head first into the Hudson river.

Standing in the Corning Preserve in down town Albany on Hot afternoon when I witnessed the picture you see above. Yes, that is people swimming in the Hudson River. Now, I’m new to the area but I had already come to the conclusion that you should not swim in this river. After surveying several people they agreed with me. So I can only assumed the influence of alcohol helped push these people into the water.

There are a million different ways to cool off without subjecting yourself to the unknown of the Hudson.

Fill up the bath tub with ice and lay face first

See a movie, theaters are air-conditioned.

Eat some ice cream through osmosis and rub it on your entire body.

Put on your best Speedo and do laps in the Empire state plaza fountains.

Anything can be better for you then diving into the Hudson. I mean, just look at what happened to my twin brother after he swam in the Hudson!