Beer is God's way of saying he loves us. And technology as a rule, improves on it's self sometimes with small steps, and other times, with great leaps. This is one of those great leaps, and brings the 2 together. Mike Wakerly created the Kegbot back in 2003. It's a free, open-source project to turn your beer kegerator into a computerized drink tracker. Now it's been improved by Google employee Paul Carff, using Google technology. KegDroid uses an Android tablet for an interface display, and a radio card reader for authentication of the "drinker", protecting the beer from those friends who drink too much of yours when they come over to visit. It's all linked to Google+ for the user's information and uses flow sensors to keep track of how much beer is poured into your glass. Depending on your fridge size, you can have a choice of beers. This I would have to say, would be a great building project for the man cave of a beer lover. If you're interested in setting your own up, visit the KegBot page for all the information. Here's a video of Paul Carff showing off KegDroid.