I think a great poet named Humpty said it best; I like the girls with boom.

A few female celebs have been falling under some scrutiny lately for doing nothing but having curves.  What are curves you ask?  Those are the things that get every man on the planets attention.  Sure after that we notice your eyes and personality, but the curves are what grab us from across the room.  I have no idea why the media is hating on these women so much but they are starting to stand up to it.  The latest is former Playboy Playmate Holly Madison.  Now is her show incredibly annoying?  Hell yes.  But that doesn't take away from the fact that she is gorgeous.  Maybe some of it is plastic, but overall Holly is beautiful.

She was reportedly asked to lose some weight for her Las Vegas show "Peep Show".  I mean come on, this girl is a stick.  She did admit that she might want to tone up but she would never go on any crazy diets just to please some random people and is pretty happy with her body.

Kim Kardashian is another female celeb that has taken a lot of heat for her curvy body.  If I may say, please don't change a thing Kim.  Besides that booty is a money maker, no pun intended.  She has publicly said that she is a curvy woman and will always be.  God bless her for it.  I don't understand this image of Hollywood women needing to be a stick.  Here is a tip ladies, too skinny is gross.  I am willing to bet most women don't like string bean dudes either.  I think its great that women of their fame are standing up and saying that curves are cool.

Katy Perry is another woman that is proud of her body.  I'm sure Russell Brand doesn't mind either.  She is particularly important is this battle.  She is heard by young girls around the world more often than the other two.  She said she use to get made fun of for her body, but has quickly learned that the curves come in handy.  Anyone seen the California Gurls video?  If not do yourself a favor and click here.

The bottom line is that curvy women are hot as hell.  Even rocks own Maria Brink is a very curvy woman.  Besides that who looks better in a bathing suit?  Some stick or a chick with a (don't think I'm objectifying women) a booty?  I vote booty.