So I get cheerleaders at foot ball and basketball, but when did this tradition sneak its way into pro darts?

Did I miss something or is this whole involving women with little clothing into sporting events getting out of hand. Cheerleaders on the sidelines of a football game or basketball game is tradition and fun for everyone, but the idea of infusing hot skanky dressed girls in order to draw fans is spreading like crazy.

As far back as I can remember there is a ring girl at a boxing match, and MMA even has them fro between rounds to hold up a sign in a swim suit. But this Saturday I went to the Islanders and Senators game in Uniondale, NY and I was astonished to see girls clearing the ice during time outs… not exactly attractive ones either.

Then this morning I come in to work only to watch a video of a dart competition with girls dancing in mini skirts on either side of the dart board. Giving if there is any sport that absolutely needs attractive girls dancing in it, it is darts. But come on, is this getting out of hand or is it just making the world a better place.