A new study is out telling us exactly what is in the bottled water that most of us drink everyday.

One thing that all of drink is bottled water.  We all have our preferences but what are the differences?  Where does it come from? The Environmental Work Group (EWG) just did a study on more than 173 different brands of bottled water to determine what exactly is in them and where they come from.

The scariest part is that half the products didn't pass the EWG transparency test.  18% of the companies wouldn't say where they get their water from and 32% wouldn't give up any information on their product.  What are they hiding?  They don't seem to have any problem slapping a big price sticker on it.  The highest grade given was a B and that went to Nestle Pure Life bottled water which was said to be the purest and best water on the market right now. The best water for you overall?  Filtered tap water.  That's right all you bottled water snobs, turns everyone drinking right from the sink is better off.  Plus drinking tap water takes less of a toll on the environment as far as pollution goes.  So stop buying that high priced Fiji water and go buy yourself a Brita filter and enjoy.