Well, the weather is getting warm, the girls was wearing lesser and lesser everyday, the grills are fired up - That means it's time for the Summer Concert Season!

As you prepare to venture out into the world of outdoor venues, there are several things you need to remember when it comes to behaving properly at these venues and events.

Consider the following list a "Guide of What NOT To Do" this summer so that you don't end up getting kicked out of the venue and miss your favorite band. Pretty much, How not to be "That Guy".


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    Peeing In Public

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    This should go without saying yet every year at every venue you'll see "That Guy" that won't walk the extra distance to the actual bathroom, so he/she relieves  themselves in front of anyone within looking distance.

    These fine examples of humanity have not a care in the world as those were washed away about 6 or 7 beers ago.

    No one wants to see you "whip it out", squat down, or your "stream of no shame" at any point at a show. Please refrain from this & use the actual restroom (that doesn't count the row of bushes near the lawn).

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    Continuing from #1, no matter how "good of an idea" this seems or how much your friends dare you to - DON'T.

    It never ends well for you or those in viewing site.

    Plus, you CAN be arrested for this and in some states if there are children around, be put on the sexual predators list (try explaining that one to your boss).

    But no matter what there will be "That Guy" who feels the need to be "free" or to "express himself" with nudity.

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    Public Sex

    Twitter: @NightClubFails

    From #1 to #2, now to #3 - Being drunk makes people a little more "frisky" but NO ONE wants to see you have drunken relations in the middle of the lawn at a show.

    Is it just me or is it usually people you would never want to see naked or bump uglies - that usually are bumping uglies in a drunken stupor?

    Don't be "That Guy" or "That Girl" or "That Couple". Save it for the car in the parking or when you make it home.

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    Control yourself and your alcohol consumption, please.

    Last thing anyone in the Lawn or in Reserve wants is your drunk-self vomiting near, on their seat, or on them while attending a show.

    Manage your drinks in a wise manner and enjoy the show. Hey, we want to "party" but some of us like to remember what happened - unlike you.

    You can always spot "That Guy" because he is the one that says "I just want to have a good time!"

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    Passing Out

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    Usually after #4, comes #5 - Passing out.

    Nothing like putting the burden on the people you are with (and if you're alone, the people near you). Once again, manage your drinks and enjoy the show.

    My friend passed out once at a show in his seat, he missed Rob Zombie & Ozzy headlining that night.

    Don't be "That Guy"

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    Using Illegal Drugs

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    Last but not least on the list (though some of us enjoy it and think it needs to be legalized - IT AIN'T) using illegal drugs.

    Of course there will be "That Guy" who has to blaze up in the middle of the crowd and complain that "it's just a plant, man".

    Want to get messed up, do it at home where the cops aren't going to catch you so easily and don't be surprised if you do it in public if they catch you.

    "That Guy" isn't hard to spot; just follow the scent and look for the suspicious dude playing clueless as to why there is a cloud of smoke near him.