When it comes to delicious smoked food, there are a few big name contenders that come to mind. So which is the best of the best?

Grilling and smoking food is something that we all wish we could do like the pros. Yes, it's something that a lot of us attempt, but very few of us can achieve that award winning BBQ championship flavor. So we head to Dinosaur BBQ, or Capital Q and get some of the best.

With all the options of smoked food, which one takes the honor of best smoked BBQ food? Brisket is a heavy favorite, while ribs and chicken are a staple. Lets not forget about pulled pork. Its juicy and seductive ways have claimed many victims over the years. So vote for your favorite, so we can finally stop arguing about it - at least for a little while.

By the way, Nickelback loves some BBQ, too. Vote for your favorite, and maybe you'll be able to eat that food with Nickelback before their show at SPAC July 24th by entering here.