There seem to be quite a few places in the Albany area that people go to get their hot dogs. So which one of these landmark locations is the best place?

Since I was a young boy, hot dogs have been one of my favorite foods. Grilled, boiled or fried, not to mention the variety of toppings, how could you not love the all-American food? It goes hand-in-hand with our culture, and each area has its own take on them. Being a native of the Albany area, I have been to a lot of hot dog places in my time. The problem is, no one can agree on which one is the best.

I have always been partial to Hot Dog Charlie's myself (I even created, what I believe is the first ever Hot Dog Charlie's Pizza), which should automatically mean that I don't like Gus's in Watervliet. That seems to be the biggest battle around here. It's either Charlie's or Gus's, and there is no in between.

Let us not forget about a couple other great dog dives in our area, though. There is also Famous Lunch in Troy who have been serving up mini dogs since 1932. Those of you familiar with the Greenville area know of the best hot dog truck in the state, Tommy's. Also right in downtown Albany next to the Times Union Center, there is Wall Street Dogs and Deli.

So, with all the places mentioned, which is the best in the area?