We all know the reputation that Steven Tyler has for getting with the ladies, so which one of his songs is the best one to get your freak on to?

The members of Aerosmith have been providing us with music since the 1970's.  We are sure that some of you were conceived to the sounds of Steven Tyler's vocals and Joe Perry's guitar solos.  Try not to think to hard about how big an Aerosmith fan your parents are now that we have put that image into your head.  Sorry.

Bottom line, the 'Bad Boys of Boston' have done their fair share of hooking up over the years, and it puts our records with the ladies to shame.  At 64 years old, Steven Tyler could probably get more women in one night than you could in a month.  He seriously needs to put out a book on how to spit game.

So if you can't be them, then why not at least bring them along for the ride by putting on some of their music, and getting it in?  But which songs are the best to make whoopie too?  The old stuff, or the new stuff?  That is up to you.  Make sure to cast your vote below, and get ready to make sweet love to us June 29th when Aerosmith hits the Times Union Center.  You can get the pre-sale code here and get first choice in tickets to this show.