When Netflix first came into the market they were a big fish in a little pond.  Now they are an average size fish in a big pond with fish that are getting even bigger.

In this day and age people rarely watch television or movies on a set schedule.  Appointment viewing is pretty much dead thanks to things like the internet, Tivo and DVR.  Now that you can record TV shows and watch them at their leisure, networks are forced to get you to watch in other ways.

There are plenty of great streaming services that you can use to your advantage as well.  Obviously there are probably ways to pirate the content, but we can't condone that.  So of the two 'big guys' when it comes to streaming TV and movies, which do you prefer?  Are you a Netflix person, or Hulu Plus?  Both services are around the same price per month, and offer similar shows.

An advantage that Netflix has is it's DVD delivery service.  If you can't stream it, they can likely just send it to your home.  It's very convenient, but it will cost you extra.  So is it worth it?  That's up to you and your budget.