Through Aerosmith's long career in the the rock world, they have had their ups and downs, break ups and reunions.  During that time they went through various phases, so which Aerosmith era is your favorite?

You always hear fans of Aerosmith say they miss the days when the band was on the drugs.  Then you have a younger generation that loves that holy trinity of songs from the 90's, 'Amazing', 'Cryin' and 'Crazy'.  People will scream sell out now and then, but like Joe Perry said, if selling out means reaching a larger audience and selling millions of records, then he would sell out all the time.

The 70's era of Aerosmith brought us songs like 'Sweet Emotion', 'Dream On', 'Back In The Saddle', 'Draw The Line' and so many more.  The 80's and 90's brought them more fame then they knew what to do with.  They are even credited with starting the rap-rock movement thanks to pairing with RUN DMC on 'Walk This Way. Lets not forget that song from 'Armageddon' that will forever be stuck in our heads.

Fans will always argue over which era was better, so why not argue on the website?  Vote now on which was the best Aerosmith years.  Don't forget, tickets are on sale now for Aerosmith and Cheap Trick at the Times Union Center on June 29th.  Get them before they are gone.