Lets face facts, our country is a bit of a mess and has been for some time.  Donald Trump thinks he can clean things up, but does he have a real shot?

Politicians across the country better watch out because Donald Trump is coming.  Now perhaps he is just making a bit of noise, but I think this guy could actually have a real shot at President in 2012.  Is it ridiculous?  Hell yes it's ridiculous, but the people are looking for an answer to their questions and maybe someone who is business minded is exactly what this country needs.

He literally is the living embodiment of "the American dream".   A self made billionaire and reality star, he obviously knows what he is doing. It really wouldn't be the first time we put someone in charge that has little political background.  Ronald Reagan was an actor, Eisenhower an Army man so maybe it's time for the business man to take charge.  Seriously who better to dig us out of a hole than a financial genius?

I'm not saying he has my vote, but I'm being realistic.  He already has an audience and fan base who would no doubt vote for him.  In fact I think right now people will vote for anyone who isn't President Obama.  I did vote for Obama in 2008, and no I don't regret it at all.  I also voted for George Dubya in 2004.  So I guess so far in voting I am 0-2.  I think one thing that is clear is that in the last few years both democrats and republicans have failed us.  So maybe it's time for a third party candidate, or a main party candidate that is a bit out of the norm.

So what are his chances?  In reality, I don't think he is going to make it.  It is a nice thought, but  right now he is the only one making a strong campaign so he is fresh in everyone's mind.  Even though Trump is currently favored in the early polls,  pay no attention to them because they have proven to be way wrong in the past.  If you want proof of that just check out the Daily Show video below.