Who says Potheads aren't community oriented? A weed dealer in Brooklyn, NY saw the devastation caused by Super-storm Sandy and decided to help, by having a weed sale with the proceeds being donated to the victims.

Huffington Post reports that the the dealer put out to his clients that he was going to do the "sale" in hopes of raising a good chunk to help those in need. After word got around the calls started coming in with those that, for lack of a better term, wanted to smoke up for Sandy victims.

The dealer claims to have done $1,400 in sales and donated $700 to the folks of Breezy Point - which had over 80 homes flooded and burned to the ground. So yeah, he took in some money for himself but I guess its the thought that counts right? He did buy 50 wool blankets and used the rest of the money to help get supplies like hot meals, diappers, formula, clean water, etc.

Of course there are more legal and legit ways to help those in need, including Townsquare Media Albany's "Albany Cares - Show Our Support". You can find out more on how to help by CLICKING HERE.