Hey, cheaters! I've got your batch of questions for this week's competition. Better check them out and ensure your victory over the Q-Tease!

Ok, Brain-trusts, get our your cheat-sheets and add these questions to your list of random knowledge! They'll come in handy when you wind up at Dublin's Restaurant and Lounge tonight from 7-9p (it's at 121 4th Street in Troy if you weren't already aware). Prizes are on the line here, not to mention dignity so don't screw up! These questions and answers might just give you the advantage you need to stomp those lovable, little Q-Tease into dust!

Turkeys originated in which country? - The United States

Another random bit of knowledge = Ben Franklin lobbied to have the turkey as the national bird instead of the eagle. If he had won, we may have wound up consuming eagles on Thanksgiving instead of turkeys in some backwards bizarro-world.

How old is the sun? 3, 5 or 7 billion years? - 5 billion years

A.K.A Older than Joan Rivers.

What type of electromagnetic radiation is responsible for sunburn? - Ultraviolet radiation

It's where the term "UV Rays" comes from. Just look for someone in the crowd that looks like they were born in a tanning booth and maybe you'll get a clue.

What was the occupation of cotton candy machine inventor William James Morrison? - Dentist

Does it get more ironic than that? His main motivation was probably that he needed more customers with cavities. JERK!

My work here is done. The rest is up to you, so strap on your geek-hat and win what is rightfully yours!