We are inching closer and closer to another NFL season. Camps are open and going strong, you can get daily updates on your favorite team, and this Sunday we get the Hall of Fame game with the Colts facing off against the Packers. We can pretend for a minute that this is an actual game, but the truth is that it's not much more than a televised joint practice, but who cares....it's football!!!!

Of course it is tradition that at this time of year, we make our predictions for the year. Who will be playing in February? There is a lot of hope in NY for the Giants under new head coach Ben McAdoo. For the Jets, even though their schedule is horrific to start the season, can Fitz lead them to the playoffs this year? Finally, the Bills. Can they capitalize on Brady missing the first 4 weeks and just not suck.

We are all full of hope and expectations right now for our team, so tell me, why is your team going to be there when the dust settles. Have a take, and don't suck.