Yes, the Harlem Shake has made it to Albany. I know I know, huge sigh and ugh, I know. However, the ladies and gents at the F. B. Peck Hose Company in Waterford have decided to have a bit of fun with it. I spoke to Adam Fink (firefighter/emt) with one thought in mind:

'Are you guys making a parody video?'


Santa humping a pre-lit reindeer and a couple dudes bumping fake ugly's: check! See, these brave souls have seen many-a fire department 'Harlem Shake vids' and decided they could make a better one. So they did.

To be honest, you need to watch this a few times cause there's a ton going on. The video clocks in at just around 30 seconds so no worries, it won't kill your day, or bore you.