So they finally pulled the trigger and tore down the St. Patrick’s bell tower in Watervliet NY and you can watch the video here. I remember every day for about a week I would be driving through Watervliet around 10am and the only thing left standing of the old St. Patrick’s church was its bell tower. The lone bell tower was not the strangest thing I witnessed however.

Every morning I passed the tower I saw crowds of people just standing at the fence of the construction site staring at the tower and the workers. Day one I thought “maybe the tower is coming down soon, but then day two rolled around and then day three and still the tower stood and so did the crowd of people doing nothing. Then the thought crossed my mind “what is wrong with these zombies? Have they got nothing better to do on a weekday”? It was at that moment I realized they needed to tear down this tower pronto or else this would be the routine for these empty minded folks for the entire summer. A piece of local history might be gone but at least the zombies can go back to doing “nothing” somewhere else.