There’s a job out there where you could get paid to watch Netflix all day? Yahtzee! (I don’t normally yell “yahtzee,” but this felt like it required me to do so.) This just might be in the top five of my dream jobs list. My No.1 dream job would be Red Panda Friend. That’s a job I made up where someone would pay me lots of money to hang out with a red panda and be its friend. No.2 on my list is water slide critic. But the idea of watching shows and movies on Netflix is slowly climbing my dream job ladder.

According to this dream job is an actual thing. Netflix is searching for someone to be their “tagger.” The job would require you to watch Netflix’s movie and TV content and then “deconstruct the films and programs and describe them using objective tags.” This will help personalized suggestions and recommendations. If you've ever wondered how Netflix knows your taste in movies so well, now you can be that reason.