As I was heading into work today, I had to make a pit stop at Walmart on Washington Avenue Ext. I guess Styles just had to have his 'hand cream' for his 'dry hands' delivered to him at work.  Why he wouldn't go home and enjoy a 'relaxing' lunch break baffles me!? Moving on. 

I grab dudes hand cream and head towards 155 on the Extension. As I coming to the end I merge into the right turn lane and end up driving through the worst pothole I've ever driven through. Not that I make a habit of driving through them, but this thing came out of no where, and it's HUGE!!! I thought my car was done for and I drive an SUV. A small car would not fair so well.

Google Maps

Consider this your warning!

Again, as you make the right from Washington Avenue extension onto 155, the right turn lane hides a beast of pothole, far worse than most out there. Be safe!