The St. Louis Cardinals were down to their last strike two times in Game Six of the 2011 World Series.  Both times hometown hero David Freese came up big.  The first time was a two run triple that sent the game into extra innings, the other time was a home run in the bottom of the 11th inning that gave St. Louis a 10-9 victory and forcing game seven. Was this the best game ever?

If it was the best game ever it was tainted by five errors, sloppy pitching and mental mistakes.  Game six was definitely the most exciting game ever as the game went back and forth all night. Tonight is game seven and the first game seven in the World Series since 2002.

The Cardinals despite being to their last strike twice in the game found a way to fight back and deny the Texas Rangers to celebrate their first championship in 50 years.

A guy who grew up in St Louis and cheered for the team he now plays on was the hero.  David Freese, who almost gave up baseball after High School became the National League Championship Series MVP after the league championship series against Milwaukee had two dramatic hits for St Louis to force game seven.

Now its game seven.  Usually after a dramatic game six  game seven will certainly have its epic moments.  Who they will below to the Cardinals or the Rangers have yet to be determined.