Recognize any of these idiots?  If so the Albany Police Department would like to hear from you.  These are the screen shots from video's posted on You Tube from Saturday's Kegs & Eggs riot.

Saturday morning March 5th before the annual Albany St Patrick's Day parade,  a drunken riot was started as students,  allegedly from SUNY Albany,  broke car windows & windshields, caused over $6000 worth of damage to one car, groped women, threw bottles at police and appliances out of windows. It was all caught on tape and posted to You Tube.  Now the Albany Police Department needs your help in identifying these meat head suspects.

If you wear a New York Jets # 6 Mark Sanchez Jersey as your green for St.Patricks Day, you are a idiot.  Yes I'm referring to you number 4 & 13.  You are so much of a idiot, they put you on twice!

For more on the story read the update from the Times Union.

Q103 will offer a reward prize if you help crack the case.  Contact Q103 promotions at 518-881-1515.