"When I grow up, I want to play for the Yankees!" Don't lie, you said it too.  Well, now that Monte is an adult (sort of) and realizes he has zero athletic ability, I thought my dream was over.  Not so fast!  Did you know that many pro sports teams are hiring?  We may not be playing first base in place of Tex, but a few of these gigs are pretty awesome.

Recently, I have seen openings for team Mascots, Club House Managers and even Bat Boys open up.  Though most of us are too old to be bat boys, how cool would it be to manager a club house?  "Excuse me Mr. Jeter, here is your coffee."  - Pretty sure I can handle that!  OK, so maybe it's more involved, none the less, look at some of the openings are out there now!

Employment Manager - Washington Nationals (Washington, DC)
Assistant, Marketing & Communications - New York Mets (Flushing, NY)
Graphic Designer - San Diego Padres (San Diego, CA)
Assistant Security Manager - Los Angeles Dodgers (Los Angeles, CA)
Since we are In Season for MLB now, the Mascot and Bat Boy gigs have obviously been filled but I'd imagine they'll open up again at some point.  As for now, who wouldn't want to be hanging out in an office in San Diego working on the Padres website?
The NFL is in the Off Season, they have some cool gigs open!!
Stadium Tour Guide - Kansas City Chiefs (Kansas City, MO)
Training Camp- Special Events Assistant - Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Tampa, FL)
Guest Services Assistant Director - Philadelphia Eagles (Philadelphia, PA)
I could totally walk around a stadium giving a tour in exchange for a paycheck!

The NBA is wrapping up their season so the choices at the moment are slim, but I could still see myself rocking a few of these positions:

Director of Game Entertainment - Detroit Pistons (Auburn Hills, MI)
Director of Broadcasting - Minnesota Timberwolves (Minneapolis, MN)
Of course, there is always the typical ticket sales and game day staff available, but a few of these jobs sound up my alley.  If you're looking for  a job these days and are a die hard sports fan, this website may be the perfect place for you!
In the mean time, I'm going to go practice my grounders.  Look out, Tex.