There’s nothing better than seeing fat, sweaty, old dudes take recreational sports way too seriously. This is equally as impressive as it is sad.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen "mister never amounted to anything in high school or college sports” guy gearing up with his knee brace and sports goggles at the local YMCA to play a little pickup basketball. I see nothing wrong with some completive sports as exercise, however I do see something wrong with taking it too far.

Hey old guy - put a damn smile on your face and stop taking this so seriously. You should be thrilled you still have the mobility to play as poorly as you do. There is no need to swear or call angry fouls on the current high school kids on the court. This is meant to be fun, and no one can have fun when Mr. Stephens is yelling “screen screen! Up up up, boom. Come on! Oh what the hell I was wide open!” in everyone’s ear. Relax Mr. mid-life crisis, you’re going to stress your new surgically implanted hair follicles out.