This Wandering Dago food truck has become one spicy meat ball of an issue. It appears that the citizens of Schenectady, NY have left their vinyl covered sofas to voice their disapproval of the truck’s name. The idea of the truck being allowed to sell their food in the city has given the people just one more thing to complain about.

“A number of Italian-Americans spoke out Monday trying to scrap the truck from the list of vendors at an upcoming food truck rodeo in Schenectady. The truck's co-owner, Brandon Snooks, listened.” – News10

City Councilman Vince Riggi was among the people who were against the food truck participating in the upcoming event based on the name of the business. From what I gather, Riggi believes that the truck being allowed to participate could somehow harm the city of Schenectady.

“Riggi said. "I got many phone calls about this. If he thinks he is doing Schenectady good, no, Schenectady got a big black eye by that truck." –News10

Big “black eye” Mr. Councilmen? Excuse me sir, I believe you mean to say an “African American Eye”. Let’s keep it PC here buddy! However, I have to agree with Riggi on this one. Everyone knows that before this event Schenectady had always been viewed as such a clean, wonderful and wholesome city. It was the kind of utopia that authors would use as inspiration to create a heartfelt children’s novel. And know that this Brandon Snooks character wants to come in and muddy it all up. Not only does Snooks want to take down Schenectady but Clearly he wants to destroy the positive imagery that has been built up for so many years by wonderful influences like the cast of the jersey shore.


Should The Wandering Dago Change Its Name?