A little bit more zombie action in this weeks episode, plus some big secrets get revealed that are going to have to lead to some big, big decisions. 

The last few episodes of The Walking Dead have seemed like the calm before the storm.  Sure, they have encountered some problems here and there but nothing like the first episode of the season on the road, not yet anyway.  Hershel's secret stash of walkers is revealed by Glenn to Dale.  Glenn also let Dale in on Laurie's secret pregnancy too.

I knew that something wasn't right with Hershel.  Now it's learned that he doesn't see them as "walkers" he just views them as sick people.  He reveals to Dale, when Dale confronts him about the barn, that they are people and you can't kill people.  The problem with Hershel and his group is that they have never actually been attacked by walkers, so they don't really fear them.  I think that may have changed when Glenn and Maggie were attacked going into town again.

As far as we know that's the first time that Maggie has ever actually been attacked, and her perspective has to be changed now.  They just don't understand that the people they know and love are dead and the only thing left is their body which is now basically just a blood thirsty killing machine.  Hershel thinks they can be healed, so I imagine that's why he is keeping them, but it's only going to come back to, dare I say it, bite them in the end.

Meanwhile, Shane and Rick decide to teach members of both their and Hershel's group how to properly use guns, but I find it odd that they are just so willing to waste ammo like that.  Andrea thinks she's a gun slinger until she is put into a tough spot and she can't really perform.  Shane takes her on the advance course and on a lead he as on where Sophia might be (can we just find her already?!).  Those two head into an abandoned housing development and find nothing but death, oh and a whole ton of walkers.  Shane uses this as a learning experience for Andrea and puts her in a tough spot where she has no choice but to perform.  She finally gets her head on right and starts popping off walkers left and right.  That whole thing gets their adrenaline going which leads to them having sex.

So then the big moment of truth, Laurie reveals that she is pregnant to Rick.  She has a tough choice to make and has Glenn and Maggie pick up things in town (where they are attacked).  They get her a bunch of morning after pills, and also prenatal vitamins in case she wants to keep the baby.   She downs a handful of morning after pills, but quickly throws them up.  Rick finds the packages and questions her.  The toughest decision is whether or not they actually want to bring a baby into this world.

It's a big dilemma, one that I would never want to make.  You abort the baby and you need to live with that decision, which obviously Rick and Laurie will have a hard time with.  Bring the baby in and you then have another mouth to feed and a potential health risk.  Plus you are putting the group in danger with how loud a baby can be in a world where being quiet and sneaky is everything.  A very tough call, which will set up  a great mid-season finale next week.