Twists and turns in last nights episode.  We started off thinking one thing only to learn new information with just minutes left.  Last nights Walking Dead once again left us second guessing characters that we though had finally come around.

Lets start off by saying that everyone looks more like a psychopath with a shaved head, and Shane pulled that look off easily.  I wasn't sure if it was a flashback or not at the beginning when he was shaving his, but I knew it couldn't be good.  Last night we pick up right where we left off with Otis and Shane trying to escape a bunch of hungry walkers at the high school while gathering medical supplies for Carl's surgery.  No big surprise, they are in way over their heads.  It almost seems hopeless.  In the world of horror, how long can Otis last anyway?  Way longer than I expected him too.  Let's get back to that in a bit.

Dale, Andrea, Daryl and Carol are still camped out on the highway while Glenn and T-Dog make their way the Hershel's house to meet up with Laurie and Rick who are at Carl's bedside.  He doesn't seem to be getting any better and they desperately need the medical supplies from Shane and Otis to perform the operation or he is going to die.

Carol is completely distraught that they still haven't found Sophia so Daryl and Andrea head out into the night to look for her some more.  In the meantime Dale and Carol keep watch at the camp.  While in the woods Andrea and Daryl come across a walker that tried to kill himself before he turned, but hung himself so he is just hanging there very much alive...well as alive as a walker can be.  Given Andrea's history with suicide on the show I think this really got to her.  I don't know if it was a good thing or not but she tells Daryl that shes still not sure if she wants to live.  So what is going on in her head?  Laurie also reveals to Rick that she wonders if it's even worth living anymore too.  Obviously this is some troubling information for Rick who has a never say attitude.

Okay, now back to the school with Otis and Shane.  They are trapped in the gym and Shane decides to go out the window, which is too small for Otis to fit through so he decided to double back to the auditorium where can escape safely.  Shane goes out the window slowly but not before being grabbed by a walker, so he falls and hurts his leg pretty bad.  It looks like he is about to give up when out of no where comes Otis and they make for the road.

Hershel explains that Carl is just getting worse and they need to operate with or without the supplies.  As he is about to begin the surgery Otis' truck pulls up, but there is no Otis just a very crazy looking Shane.  He explains that Otis fell while they were trying to get back.  Something just doesn't feel right though.  Once they get inside and start on Carl's surgery we get a quick look back at what happened once Shane and Otis hit the road.  Shane shoots Otis in the leg so he can get back with the supplies, but Otis is mad.  he tries to hold Shane there but Shane breaks free, grabs the keys to the truck and makes a run for it while Otis gets his face eaten off by walkers.

I think it's safe to say that though it was for the right reasons, Shane crossed the line.  You could go with the survival of the fittest mentality, but it still doesn't feel right.  Shane and Andrea seem pretty unstable right now.  Something bad has to happen to this group very soon, something really bad.  But that's just my best guess.