The personal stories of some of the more minor, now major characters continue to emerge in this weeks episodes.  We also have a couple really big "oopsie" moments go on as well, this week on The Walking Dead.

Can I first start off by saying that Andrea just shouldn't be given a gun ever again.  What a trigger happy jerk.  Also, Hershel is kind of a douche, and as we learned towards the end of the episode he also might be a bit crazy.  He seemed hospitable at first, but as the group sticks around he is growing more, and more uneasy.  Maybe that's because he has a barn full of walkers. Also thanks for giving us the impression that Daryl's brother Merl would be back.  That was a nice let down.

The search for Sophia continues.  I would really like them to either find her dead or alive, preferably alive, but lets resolve this situation already.  The whole team at this point is pretty emotionally exhausted from searching for her.  Daryl seems to be using this search for her to make up for the fact that he never found his brother.   I think he's looking for redemption and though he comes off as a jerk, he is a truly good person.  His brother Merl is for sure on his mind, and that's apparent after he takes the tumble off the ledge and starts to see Merl.

So far this season the best human death scene has to go to Otis.  The best Zombie death scene so far this season has to be Daryl vs the 2 walkers after he falls.  He rips an arrow out of his back and shoots said arrow straight through the walkers head.  Awesome.

It's also pretty evident right now that Hershel does not want Rick and his people around anymore. Rick's group doesn't seem to be following Hershel's rules as well as he wants them to.  Rick was under the impression that Hershel was aware of all of the groups moves though.  Either Hershel is just being a huge jerk, or he really isn't being communicated with.  Either way, he's not as nice as we thought he was.

Andrea has been going back and fourth in her mind about what she wants to do for the group.  She decides to make herself useful for the group and take watch on top of the RV while the others are out searching for Sophia.  We already know that nature has kicked Daryl's ass pretty good.  So he wanders back into the camp hurt and looking, well like a walker from far away.  Rick, Shane, Glenn and T-Dog run to what they think is a walker, but turns out to be Daryl.  Andrea who is looking for any excuse to use a gun decides, I'll take care of this for them.  So she shoots Daryl.  Thankfully just a graze, but it's safe to say that she won't be getting a gun again for a while.

Now lets get to the really weird part.  Glenn and Maggie have a bit of a high school relationship going on right now.  They pass notes during dinner and express and interest in having sex again.  Glenn replies by saying in a hay loft.  Once Maggie reads the note a while after Glenn replies she gets a very troubled look on her face.  Glenn sneaks his way into Hershel's barn where there is about a dozen walkers being kept.  What the hell.  Maggie finds him and says, "You weren't suppose to see that."

So who are these walkers?  Are they the dead friends and families of Hershel and his party?  Why are they keeping them?  This probably won't go well next week.