We are two episodes into the second season of The Walking Dead and already we have encountered some pretty massive events.   Some new characters have emerged and some of our favorite characters has rediscovered their purpose.

So is the edge of your seat worn out yet?  I certainly hope not because we aren't even close to the end of this season of The Walking Dead.  When we left off at the season premiere it left us wondering what was going to happen to Ricks son Carl who we now know was shot in a hunting accident.  The group is also still searching for Carol's daughter Sophia who went missing in episode one.

Rick, Shane and the hunter ( we now know is Otis) who shot Carl book it to the house where Otis lives with several other survivors including the patriarch of the house Hershel, who seems to have a great deal of medical experience, a stroke of luck finally for the group.  They immediately start to tend to Carl.  The injury is was worse than they thought.  Even though the bullet was slowed down by the deer, it still went pretty deep and broke apart inside of Carl, which means surgery.

The rest of the group has no idea what is going on,  but they did hear the gunshot responsible for shooting Carl, they just don't know it yet.  Lori, Glenn, Andrea, Carol and Daryl are still trying to locate Sophia in the woods surrounding the highway, with no luck.

Dale and T-Dog remain back at the RV looking through the rows and rows of cars for spare parts and any supplies they come across.  Dale notices that T-Dog isn't himself and see's that the injury he suffered in the attempt to hide form the pack or walkers in the first episode has become very infected.  T-Dog starts to get a fever and basically loses his mind.  I don't know if he is very long for the rest of the show.  He doesn't seem to trust anyone and that could be dangerous to the rest of the group.

Shane and Andrea have both been struggling with events that have gone on with them separately, but seem to have rediscovered their purpose in the group.   Andrea can feel what Carol is going through since she lost her sister Amy, so she is trying to be strong for her.

With everything going on with Carl, Shane takes it upon himself to do anything he can in order help save him and help out his friend Rick, who he seemed to be distancing himself from.  Now, the two of them are close and Shane knows what he needs to do.

When Hershel informs them that Carl will need surgery Shane packs up, along with Otis (who feels very guilty about the hunting accident with Carl) to go to the high school to get the necessary equipment for Hershel to do surgery.   It's going to be very difficult because the high school is completely overrun with walkers (of course).   In the meantime one of Hershel's daughters has gone to get Lori and bring her back to the house to be with Rick and Carl.  This puts the rest of the group in a pickle because they still haven't located Sophia but need to get to the house where the rest of the group is.  Ultimately they decide to not move to the house just yet.

We get left hanging at the end of the episode with Shane and Otis trapped at the high school with dozens of walkers after them.  They were able to get the supplies needed, but are now locked inside the school.  So what happens next?  How long are they going to stick at the house with Hershel and company?  The place seems a bit to perfect for this group, so something tells me something bad will happen.

Get a sneak peek at next weeks episode here and make sure to check back next week for the episode recap.