In the latest episode of The Walking Dead Shane and Rick finally have it out after months and months of crazy tension.  Rick is faced with a similar situation as Shane, but handles it in a totally different way.

I went into Sundays episode of The Walking Dead hoping that Rick would kick Shane's ass.  He has been really annoying lately, and Rick just needs to show him exactly why he's in charge, and Shane is the crazy dude with the shaved head.

Basically the episode starts out with Rick and Shane looking for a suitable place to leave the guy they brought back from Rick, Glenn and Hershel's little town adventure.  They fixed him up, now they need to put some space in between them.  Despite their best effort to keep the farm a secret, it turns out he knows who Maggie is because they went to school together.  Now they have a problem, but how do they fix it.

Back at the house and farm Laurie discovers that Beth (girl in shock) has decided to commit suicide when she smuggles a knife into her room.  So Laurie and Maggie keep watch on her to make sure she doesn't end it, but then idiot Andrea decides to let Beth make the decision on her own.  How many strikes does Andrea get?  As of right now this is two.  Shooting Daryl was the first strike. So Andrea leaves Beth alone, and Beth cuts her wrist, but not deep enough to kill herself, and ultimately decides she wants to live.

Rick and Shane think they have found a good place to dump this kid where he will have a fighting chance, but then get into an argument and basically try and kill each other.  Shane picks up a huge wrench and heaves it at Rick.  The wrench crashes through a window, and suddenly they are over run with walkers who were locked inside of a building.  Now that the window is broken, they have a way out.  They are also only 18 miles from the farm, so I see that being a big problem.

Now Rick and Shane and the kid are fighting for their life.  Shane makes his way into a school bus, but is basically trapped.  Now Rick is faced with the same decision as Shane was when it came to Otis.  Does he leave now and sacrifice Shane's life, or does he do whatever he can to save him?  It looks like Rick is about to abandon Shane, but him and the kid come roaring back in with their car and grab Shane.  This is why Rick is the leader, and Shane is a the mad man.

So all is well right? No way.  Rick and Shane seem okay now thanks to their little talk, but no.  This won't last, and you know who I blame?  Stupid Andrea.  I see her making trouble soon, and Shane will go right along with her.

Get a look at what is on the way for next week with a sneak peek here.