If there is one company that can tell us what is, and what is not sexy it's Victoria's Secret.  Their annual 'What is Sexy?' list is out, and some big names have made the list.

Sexy can be described in so many different ways.  So what encompasses sexy?  Victoria's Secret puts out a list every year to give props to some of the sexiest in the business.  No surprise at some of the people on the list, and even some newcomers got some recognition.

VS is known for it's sexy models, so why not allow them to rank who they would like to see in their gear?  Now it's not all about looks on this list, so don't get the message misconstrued.  Though, most of the women on it are pretty smokin'.  Let's rundown some of our favorite ladies that made the cut this year.

Sexiest Actress:  Charlize Theron

There probably isn't a year when Miss Theron couldn't take home this honor.  She oozes sexuality, from her eyes to her legs.  She is one of our favorite actresses, and not just for the scenes where she happens to take her cloths off.  Though it's a plus.

Sexiest Eyes:  Jennifer Lawrence

'The Hunger Games' blew this sexy young actress into the mainstream.  Jennifer Lawrence is absolutely stunning.  She really tore at our emotions during her role has Katniss Everdeen in 'The Hunger Games', and she haunts our dreams at night with her smoky eyes.  We can't wait to see more of her in the future.

Sexiest Summer Style:  Blake Lively

We don't really care about her 'summer style' we just love Blake Lively.  It's the reason why we tune into 'Gossip Girl' every week, and why we sat through 'Green Lantern'.  We came close to being mad at Blake after that film, but we could never stay mad at her.

Sexiest Curves: Amber Herd

We really enjoyed her on 'The Playboy Club' this past fall.  Too bad people wouldn't join us in watching it.  The show was cancelled, and we just hope that Amber quickly lands another show where she is dressed as a Playboy bunny 90% of the time.  Sexiest curves?  You bet she does.

Sexiest Sense Of Humor: Emma Stone

Seriously, what is better than a girl who can make you laugh?  The answer is nothing, except for a girl who can make you laugh while making your jaw drop.  Emma Stone makes the nerd in every guy very excited that there may be hope yet.  She plays Gwen Stacy in the upcoming Spider-Man reboot, and we can't wait.  We loved her as a redhead, but blondes have more fun, right?

Sexiest Mom: Beyonce

Ignore the silly hat, and you can clearly see why Beyonce gets this honor.  Until this year, Beyonce wouldn't be a contender for this award, but this year she is a certified MILF - um- we mean Mom.  It's really not fair that Jay-Z owns a basketball team, a hip hop empire, AND gets to see Beyonce in less then what's pictured above.  A hard knock life?  Please.

There are a bunch more ladies that make up the What is Sexy list, so check it out to see if any of your favorite females made it.