So this past weekend I visited Shuttleworth Park in Amsterdam, NY for their 'Rock the Park" event. The event was to raise money for local parks in the area. It was a great time. They had a car and bike show, fireworks and live music all day. I saw Skeeter Creek (who did a cool country flavored version of AC/DC's "You Shook Me All Night Long"), Bed Spins and Tunnel.

So when I found out the seats they had were from Veterans Stadium I just had to get a picture sitting in them with my friends Tony and Joey from Tunnel. Not that I'm an Eagle fan, I just love football and sitting in a seat from that stadium in upstate NY seemed funny to me. I was told they were $50 a piece. I know what I would do if I were an Eagle fan. On Sunday Sept 25th (when the Eagles host the Giants) I’d bring a radio and a cooler to Shuttleworth Park, sit in those seats and pretend I was at the game. I would only do that if I were an Eagle fan though. For anyone else, that would just be ridiculous.