Are your high school peers picking on your career choice? Well Val Midwest classmates did and she got some pay back.

Val Midwest far to long took the mean things her class mates where say about her career in the adult film industry. So she fought back with with her best weapons, a pair of pasties and a g-string. Val took the opportunity of a photo shoot and turned into the battlefield for revenge. Armed with nothing but aforementioned pasties and g-string, Val posed in front of her high school for some photos. Unfortunately it turns out, thats is illegal in Nebraska. So she ended up with a few charges, public nudity (she wasn't nude) and trespassing on private property. These charges confuse Val Midwest and we agree you can't be publicly nude on private property. Well no matter Val got her revenge and no court can take that away.

With that said we think Val should have become a dentist or something less devilish then adult actress. And Val if your reading this please don't taking revenge on us by showing up to 1241 kings road Schenectady New York half dressed. Even if topless is legal in New York. My male co-workers will be very upset.