Last week a recently turned atheist's auction on eBay for his 'spot in heaven' was pulled after reaching $100,000 in bids. eBay did this due to the item being "non-tangible".

There's a new a auction on the block and it's for something that also involves the afterlife, sorta. 

New York State Office of Metal Health is selling a "used" morgue refrigerator from a Manhattan psychiatric ward. The auction claims the refrigerator to be in "good condition". It's “fully operational” with some "signs of cosmetic wear."

Best part, people are actually bidding on it! As of this post, the bidding reached $1,600 for the 8-foot by 6-foot fridge which started out last week with an opening bid of $10.

The New York Post spoke with Heather Groll, a spokeswoman for the Office of General Services. General Services sells off unwanted items from the government. She admits she has never seen anyone sell a morgue refrigerator saying "every once in a while, we get an unusual item."

There is no restrictions on who can by the fridge and there are no background checks required for the winning bidder. However, the winner has to pick the item up themselves - Yep, no delivery on this bad boy. On the plus side, if you win the item - payments can be made right here in Albany at the Office of General Services in the Corning Tower of the Empire State Plaza.

If interested, CLICK HERE to place a bid. There are three days left at auction.