The Oneida Tribe, owners of the Turning Stone Casino, have a bit of a bone to pick with NFL team Washington Redskins and they are taking to radio to air their grievances.

The tribe has an issue with the team's name, The Redskins. They feel it to be offensive. This isn't the first time the team has come under fire for the name. Public outcry in the last few years has risen for a name change to happen and thus far the team owners have not given in to those request.

The Oneida Tribe will air radio commercials on Washington radio stations before the team's game on Monday against the Philadelphia Eagles, which is the team's home opener, denouncing the name and calling for a name change.

Oneida Nation Representative Ray Halbritter is calling on NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to

Stand up to 'bigotry' by denouncing 'the racial slur' in the team's name.

Halbritter is also asking fans to visit and support their cause for the NFL to change the team's name.

Brian McCarthy, league spokesman, in an e-mail to the Associated Press says of the campaign

(We) respect that reasonable people may have differing views.

The name from its origin has always intended to be positive and has always been used by the team in a highly respectful manner.

The Oneida Tribe has been calling on all team - professional, minor, and high school - to change their names if they are deep derogatory toward Native Americans. The tribe has also donated money to teams that change their name to purchase new jerseys, gear, etc to reflect the changes.

Oneida's spokesman did not say how much the radio campaign would cost but did say the ads would run all season including in cities hosting the team for an away game.