I sit back and watch late night TV, a lot. Of course my night is always full of those god awful infomercials about products that are so dumb and yet make millions. The Snuggie anyone? Here comes the next dumb idea that you may find under your Christmas tree this year; The UpRight Sleeper.

Nodding off while sitting up can be such a pain and uncomfortable right? Only if you are an idiot like those in the video below. So to help the hopeless, The UpRight Sleeper is here to save the day. Look at it! It's a glorified next brace that adjust to fit your "comfort" level. I have to ask who would desire one of these.

Worldwide Comfort Solutions created the product and, get this, have won the "Innovation Award" from SkyMall Magazine. I've seen some crazy stuff out of SkyMall before, like the Car Eyelishes, but this is beyond the point of stupid. I guess it's supposed to help you avoid that awkward moment of passing out and leaning over the person next to you while drooling all over them.

Hey, if you order today! They will throw in a carrying bag that also doubles as a "blanket" to cover up the device, not your shame for owning it though.

The UpRight Sleeper is on sale now for the low, low price of $46.

I need to come up with a dumb device/invention to make millions. I can hate on the item all I want, but I got to give props to the person who created it and the money they are making. Remember the Pet Rock when we were kids? Kudos to that man.