One of the highlights to my holiday season is helping a family in need.  Today we did the Free Beer & Hot Wings Holiday Break In.

Every holiday season we break into a families home that is in need of some Christmas magic.  This is something I look forward to every single year and this year we actually get to make a difference with 2 families.

An anonymous donor gave us the means to provide Christmas for a second family in need this Holiday season.  The families usually have a hard time making ends meet the rest of the year, and I'm sure it breaks their heart when they come up short around this time.  Can you imagine having to tell your kids that Santa isn't stopping this year?  How do you do that?  Some of the childrens lists in the past have asked for things we totally take for granted like pillows, blankets and even heating oil.

Most of the parents are too proud to ask for help, and that's where we step in.  We will make sure they get the kind of Christmas that we all deserve.  Q103 broke in and spread some holiday cheer where none existed today and man did it feel good.  The look on the nominators face said it all. Big thanks to Cats Eye Pest Control for being our Holiday break In sponsor this year.

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