Earlier 19 year-old Hanna Sabata created the fail of the century and bragged about robbing a bank and stealing a car on youtube. Well she got busted and now there is new video surfacing.

People can say all they want about this girl but I still love her. Yeah, maybe it was a mistake to rob a bank. Yes, maybe stealing a car isn’t the best idea. Also yes, doing drugs on camera and bragging about the terrible crimes you’ve committed on YouTube is wrong on so many levels. But, this chick had her game plan in order. I mean she did say she was going to “pay off her student loans” before she went on a shopping spree. She may have a fart for a brain but at least Hanna Sabata had her priorities straight. Plus, how can you not love this chick, just look how sexy she looks in that mug shot. Mmmm, you’re still looking good in stripes girl!