There's a reason the NFL has the Ticket Exchange as their official ticket service for fan to fan transactions. If you think for one second that something is too good to be true or even have a remote doubt about a deal - DON'T TAKE IT! A couple from San Francisco lead the hard way about that with this year's Super Bowl but finally justice is served!

The couple found a set of 4 tickets to the big game on Craigslist. The price? $5,900 - which was about double the face value price. They exchanged text and emails with the "Seller" and even wired the money to him to complete the transaction. Several days later a package arrived in the mail with a letter simply saying "Go Ravens." The package even included a fake return address.

Word of the story broke nationally and police began their investigation towards the end of January. The Osgoods, the family duped by Pham, were given 4 Super Bowl tickets courtesy of TicketMaster so they could actually see the game and now even more justice is being served!

Robert Quan Pham, 37, of Gainsville, FL has been arrested after a complicated investigation by police thanks to Pham having close to 15 known addresses around the country. When police caught with him, there were more holes in his stories that craters on the moon.

FedEx asked to inspect the package after Pham declared it was worth over $5,000, according to investigators, and he claims "someone must have stolen the tickets."

Pham is being held on $20,000 bail and charged with 2 felonies; obtaining money by false pretenses and grand theft.