Halloween is right around the corner, and I love everything about the month of October. I love the apple picking, the pumpkin carving, the haunted houses and hayrides, and dressing up. Although, I take my costume search very seriously. I can only dress like a streetwalker once a year and have it be socially acceptable. I love not only this part, but having someone group up with me to be a "super costume". Unfortunately, I've played a solo role in most of my Halloween celebrations. The hardest part is coming to an agreement on what everyone wants to be. Here's some ideas to get your brain ticking for your next great "super costume"

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    Mac Vs PC

    We've all seen the commercials for the Mac Vs. PC duo. Obviously, I'm a Mac girl, and would totally play the "Mac girl." With the loss of Steve Jobs this past week, it would be a fun tribute to his company and keep people guessing at what you are. PC: Dress uptight and take on the "tech geek" look. The side part in your hair is an absolute must. Mac: Dress casual and cool, but yet keep your look smart.

    Courtesy of Apple "Get a Mac Campaign"
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    Beauty Pageant Contestants Gone Wild

    You can have a lot of fun with this idea. Seeing as so many pageant contestants always have a devious side, you can go wherever you want with this. The most important part of costume is the sash and the name you take on. The rest is up to you. "Miss Devious": Ripped dress, "sex" hair, and and smeared eyeliner. Don't forget the sash!

    Getty Images, Christopher Polk
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    Twilight Characters

    The ladies will love this one, or any Twilight fan in general. Are you on Team Edward, Team Jacob, or [even better] both? Dress up some sexy guy friends as Edward and Jacob. Play the role of Bella and have them fight for your love.

    Getty Images, Michael Buckner
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    Red Riding Hood and the Wolf

    Again, if you're Team Jacob and would like to dress a little sexier, you can always be Red Riding Hood for Halloween. Have your man dress up as a wolf. This is actually something I've wanted to dress up as with someone for awhile now. I just think doing the make-up for the wolf would be so much fun. Be careful though, you cannot kiss your wolf that night without getting make-up all over.

    Getty Images, David Hogan
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    Kia Soul Party Rock Hamsters

    Not only is "Party Rock" one of my favorite songs to dance to, but the Kia Soul commercial is one of my favorite commercials in the world. I love the hamsters, and I'm actually considering being one of the Kia Soul hamsters this year. All you need is gym attire and cute hamster ears. Don't forget, you have to be ready to dance.

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