Last Thursday in Mexico a camera caught what looked like a UFO flying in to a volcano. Something that as of resent history has not been uncommon. In 2012 we seen a spike in UFO Sightings. Canada reported 1981 UFO sightings last year, compared to 986 in 2011. A video expert named Marc Dantonio hired by the U.S. government to weigh in on if this latest video is a fake or not, says that the video is "likely not a fake". But that doesn't mean a alien spaceship is represented in the video. Dantonio points out that the object is flying at a normal aircraft speed and maneuvers in a normal aircraft would. From the angle this video is shot, who says whatever was flying around the volcano didn't just fly low behind the volcano and not into it. Regardless the number of UFO sightings are increasing. Maybe we are not alone after all.