Last night while enjoying a breath of fresh air. I saw an object that seemed to be on fire rise from what appeared to be the middle of Schenectady.

I live in the Goose Hill neighbor hood of Schenectady and was looking south when the object rose straight over my neighbors house. With the Schenectady airport to my back I knew it wasn't the normal low flying aircraft you see in Schenectady.

My first reaction is that the flaming object in the sky was a Sky Lantern (see above) till the object changed direction and started to move quickly across the night sky. With very little to no wind I find it hard to believe that a Sky Lantern would move that quickly.

Wishing I broke out my phone sooner I filmed the object shortly after the object changed direction. You see the object fly under the moon in the sky as what looks like a flame flickering. Then the camera gets shaky due to me trying to zoom in on the object. Once I realized I couldn't zoom in, I turned off the camera and tried to zoom in again but saw what I believe to be a flame being extinguished. And the only thing I have to contribute to this experience is another crappy UFO video. Someday someone will get a clear shot of Bigfoot and a UFO.