Schenectady's finest collared two of Schenectady's brightest, after a robbery at the One Stop Grocery.

At 11:27 pm on September 10th a male welding a handgun walked in to the One Stop Grocery at 729 Crane Street and demanded the safe and cash drawer. The male then jumped in to a maroon 2009 Honda Accord.

Now here is where the details become a little thin. Shortly after arriving, the police spotted the Honda Accord where one man took off on foot and was caught a few blocks away. The second male did not try to run and was arrested at the car. Regardless, if the two tried to drive away or not, what is the point of having a get away car if you are cause directly after the cop arrive on the scene?

Come on fellas, at least make it to the highway before doing something stupid like going to the highway to get a way. Here is an idea: move to a house next door to the place your trying to rob. That way you only have to walk to your secret hideout.

Both Feeiaz M Yacob and Haresh N. Brijraj were arrested for Robbery in the first degree.

Brijraj was described as the passenger so I guess that makes Yacob the worst getting away driver ever.