It's safe to say that Myspace is pretty much dead.  That leaves us with two social media giants, but which one reins supreme?

These days most everyone has  some sort of social media profile.  Even parents such as my own have gotten facebook fever.  I remember when facebook first came out and you had to be a college student in order to have a profile.  Then they started adding companies in order to network, and then high schools and then everyone.  Who can blame people for joining?  It's a great way to stay in touch and communicate.

I have had facebook for some time now and actually just recently created a twitter account (feel free to follow me).  I like twitter and it's a great way to follow everyone from celebs, to bands to local news.  It keeps me updated and it's easy.  Facebook is cool when it comes to keeping up with friends.  Even you guys keep up with us on the Q103 facebook page.  It's a very easy way to let people know what's going on in you're life with status updates and photos.

Regular people for the most part prefer facebook, while celebrities are the first to go to twitter for an update. Both are huge, but as of right now I still that facebook is the king of social media.  Billions of users can't be wrong. Plus who among us isn't guilty of doing a bit of facebook stalking?  I bet some of you are stalking my profile right now, creeps.

So which do you prefer?  Facebook or twitter?  Don't forget that you can follow Q103 on twitter as well!